Chefs at Market

The Farmers Market is the perfect place for chefs to get an overview of what is in season each week, engage with the growers of their food, sample local products, and purchase fresh ingredients for their restaurants. We love seeing and hearing about how farmers market ingredients are prepared on local menus.

Chef Parking

In an effort to support chefs sourcing local ingredients, we have created two chef parking spots at the Boulder Farmers Market, with a maximum parking time of two hours. Please email Katie Lazor at if you are interested in a chef parking permit.

The Longmont Farmers Market has plenty of free, near-by parking at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.

Chef Demos

The Boulder Farmers Market and The Kitchen family of restaurants are partnering this year to educate the community on seasonal cooking. Through a sponsorship by The Kitchen, every Saturday, from June through September, a local chef will shop for fresh produce at the Farmers Market, prepare a seasonal dish, sample the finished product to market shoppers, and talk to customers about seasonal cooking from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the food court area.

If you are interested in doing an independent chef demo at the Wednesday Boulder Farmers Market, Wednesday Longmont Farmers Market, or Saturday Longmont Farmers Market, please email our marketing coordinators ( for Wednesday Boulder and for Longmont markets).

In Season at the Market

We encourage chefs to sign up for our weekly newsletter, which is sent out every Thursday morning. This email includes a list of what is in season each week, special events at the market, vendor profiles, and recipes from local restaurants.