Boulder County Farmers Markets Launches  Farm-to-Neighborhood Dinners

July 21, 2014 Press Release

Boulder County, CO – Boulder County Farmers’ Markets is launching a brand new concept on July 27, 2014, called “Farm-to-Neighborhood,” focused on bringing neighbors together with fresh food and growers from our community. Boulder County Farmers’ Markets will partner with local chefs and producers to bring healthy and affordable family-style meals to neighborhoods in Boulder County.

Boulder County Farmers’ Markets executive director Brian Coppom says, “Good food nourishes us both physically and spiritually, and sharing food to build community is a tradition that is thousands of years old. These dinners bring the growers right to the residents’ “place”, their community. It brings residents and farmers together around a shared table.”

The first Farm-to-Neighborhood dinner will be Sunday evening, July 27, in the Meadowview West neighborhood of Longmont, Colorado. Boulder County Farmers’ Markets is working with the chefs of Blooming Beets Kitchen in Boulder for the Farm-to-Neighborhood program launch. The chefs will be preparing a family-style meal for up to 60 neighbors and community growers, centered on local beef, chicken and vegetables. Boulder County Farmers’ Markets aims to focus on affordability, offering adult tickets for $40 and children’s tickets for $15.

“It’s a chance for people to enjoy a great dinner, have fun, and connect. If people learn more about the great qualities of locally produced foods, that’s great. If they learn more about the great qualities of their neighbor, that’s even better,” says Coppom.

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